Family Tree could be something special and valuable. Therefore I prepared several of different samples and combinations for you.

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Basic Samples

You can choose between two options:

  • Horizontal model: Family Tree starts at the top, where the first great grandfather is mentioned; the family line follows down where you can find yourself.
  • Vertical model: Family Tree starts on the left side where the first great grandfather is mentioned; the family line follows to the right side where you can find yourself.

Usual and most common model is the Horizontal model.

Already created examples

Offer is wide and varied. Therefore we provided few examples for your better decision.Due to lack of place and increased transparency the examples are limited to few persons only


At your request Family Tree can be created by using foreign languages. So the Family Tree can be forwarded to your friends and relatives abroad. All data is processed and translated into the language requested. Quite varied selection of foreign languages is offered, do not hesitate to check.

The font of writing can be changed, if necessary.


In case your Family Tree has already been created and you are not satisfied with it or you would like to get it translated, you are kindly invited to contact me. I remake and design the Family Trees which have already been made.

Exquisitely Designed Family Tree

Collected names are exquisitely written by calligrapher Katarina Rojc. Her family trees are abundant wall decoration and precious gift for future generations.

Examples of exquisitely designed trees of Katarina Rojc… folow me.
Examples of skilfully designed family trees… folow me.