Historical Maps

As part of digitization, old historical land register and cadastral maps were published, like Mapire Habsburg Empire Cadastral Map. However, many hobby researchers and genealogists use these maps completely incorrectly.

To give just one example:

With the help of church registers or other documents or records, you have received the information that your ancestors lived at Sachsenfeld 20. Now you took the old card in your hand and looked for the number 20. Found it, great, well done, that was really easy. INCORRECT! The numbers that we see next to the houses on the map are not house numbers, but land register building numbers. A house number is therefore not identical to the building number!

To determine the location of the house, we need to go to the archive and look for the land registry logs. With the help of land register logs we can research the building number of the house with the address Sachsenfeld 20. Now we have figured out that the house building number was 3.

Now we can pick up the map. We are not looking for the number 20 (Address number), but for the number 3 (building number).

On the map I marked the wrong house with the number 20 in red. I marked the right house with the number 3 with green. The distance between both houses was 210 meters.