Research example: Tourist farm Rat

Pri Ratu, Mariborska cesta 9, 2352 Selnica ob Dravi, Slovenia, tourist farm is in the Drava valley on the main road between Maribor and Dravograd and enjoys wonderful views across Pohorje.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a glass of plum or blueberry brandy. On the tourist farm, about which legend relates that it was once a carriage drivers’ inn, they are still masters in the preparation of tasty peasants’ food. Special love accompanies the serving of meat in aspic jelly, appetising gibanica and apple strudel.

The tourist farm was meantioned in 16. century for the first time. However the tourist farm was grounded in Medieval ages. On the tourist farm you can also see a Family Tree and read a book about the farm history:

Article about the tourist farm. Published in the journal Kmečki glas

The book about the farm history:

See also the largest Family Tree… folow me.