Price & time

I ensure to each client that the survey will be carried out on the basis of archival material.

I assure to all subscribers discretion and the protection of their personal data according to the data protection law. Your personal data will not be used on the website nor will be shared with a third party.

Before answering your question of price I need to know more information that decisively influence the price and the difficulty of the research;

In what volume should the research take place (up to 1850, 1800, 1700 or as far as we can go),

  • Place of origin of the ancestry (Slovenia, Austria, Croatia),
  • Ancestor chart,
  • Familychronicle.

Time needed for the research is depended on the volume of the research.

The research costs for 19th Century are between eight hundred and fourteen hundred euro.

A research hour is calculated with thirthy euro. You can make online payment with Paypal.

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You get a Family Tree – that is printable.

A academic research report that explains all about the Family and research.

A CD with all documents that were made during the research.

Click here to see an example of research.

I ask for at least three month of time to do the research. I must often adapt to factors that I cannot control; opening times of the institutions that hold the material. In addition we must include the printing. 

PROFFESIONALISM and QUALITY is written with capital letters.

Therefore I wish that every client is satisfied at the end and presents his parental and personal history with joy to his acquaintances, guests and friends.


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