The Knaflic family

It is my pleasure to present a new project to you, the Knaflic family from Bled.
The main goal was to explore the Knaflic family. I researched the family back to 1690.
The second goal was to learn more about the maternal lines and therefore the families Avsenik, Dolar, Varl and Policar were researched.
The third goal was to explore the places where the ancestors lived. I have located all the houses, researched the structure and history of the farms.
Together with Mr. Stasilo Burja and DB Production short films were made. The films are freely accessible.

Have fun watching!

History of the Knaflič Family

Life of the Knaflič Family

The Family Knaflič and Bled

The Family Knaflič and music

Terezija and Franc Knaflič

The Knaflič Way