Search for heirs

Every year a lot of people die without heirs or close kin. In such cases the pool of possible beneficiaries to inherit, in accordance with the Slovenian Law of Inheritance, is widened.  This pool of beneficiaries can be very wide, as it can include nephews and nieces.

Let’s say that the deceased had three sisters and two brothers. Each of them had two children. Therefore we come to ten beneficiaries. Of these nephews five are already dead. Consequently their children are beneficial to part of the inheritance. Furthermore each of the deceased nephews had two children; ergo fifteen beneficiaries all together.

In such cases there is only one option left – the search of varies relatives, which encircles:

  • Construction of a family tree
  • Seeking birth, nuptial and death certificates
  • Proofing kinship connections on the basis of documents
  • The search and contact of the living beneficiaries.

20. Century was very turbulent and people were displaced. The relatives of these people can live all over the country and even abroad.