Family Haury and Herzog

It is a pleasure for me to introduce you to the family Haury and Herzog.

Short overview:

The Haury family originally came from the Czech Republic.

Family members made a career with the Austrian Southern Railway.

Michael was first a locksmith and later a train driver on the Maribor – Pragersko – Celje – Laško – Zidani Most route.

After the First World War, Lower Styria was annexed to Yugoslavia and Michael found a new home in Austria in Styria.

He met his future wife Mathilde Herzog through a work colleague. They lived in Lamperstätten, St. Nikolai im Sausal.

The Herzog family lived in Styria in Lamperstätten, St. Nikolai im Sausal.

They were farmer.

However, the farmer belonged to the castle of Waldschach.

Joseph Herzog started working as a weaver in the first half of the 19th century.

Family members of the Herzog family have maintained good contacts with families in the area, like Halbwirt, Neuwirt, Zinser, Mitteregger, Scherubl, Fürbahs, Skart, Godec, Fiedler, Astl, Terbisch, Stubenrauch…

Stephan Herzog had fourteen children.

Please note, only a very short summary has been created here. The family chronicle is very extensive, comprising 100 pages.

Most of the documents were in Slovenia and Austria. They were written in different languages, mostly German and Slovenian. The writers mostly used the old German script. However, that was no obstacle.

Mr. H. Haury and A. Korb present their family chronicle.
Today the Haury family lives in a beautiful house in Austria. The fairytale home served as a template for the background of the huge family tree. We have thus united the past with the present.
Alexandra Kofler, Zwei Brüder auf der Suche nach ihrer Geschichte, Kleine Zeitung.

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