Noble Family

At my work I meet families that have diverse backgrounds, as servants, maids, big and small farmers, workers, craftsmen, citizens, merchants, different masters, nobles, etc.

Several times I have explored even noble families and one research has aroused the interest of the scientific community. The research results were published in the oldest Slovenian scientific journal for history – Review for History and Ethnography. Review for History and Ethnography is available at all larger Slovenian libraries. The article was classified as original scientific article.

The article is too large, so I present here only the opinion of the editors:

Rajmund Lampreht: The Origins and the Development of the Maribor Nobility. Review
for History and Ethnography
, Maribor 86=51(2015), 2–3.

1.01 Original Scientific Article
UDC 929.52Mariborski

The author presents in this article the origin and the development of the Maribor nobility.
He proves that the first two Maribor noblemen were commanders and that they
came from Riegersburg. They were sent to Maribor to be with the provincial prince and
their origins were in the House of Wildon. The Wildon lordships were the offspring of the Gundaker family, which was provincial prince’s old ministerial family. The author
also presents the further development of the Maribor nobility and explains their
ascent among regional personage without whom no important document was sealed.
The author systematically analyses and present the development of all side branches
and focuses the readers’ attention to the parallelism between individual families and
he also introduces newness of individual families’ histories.

Source: Website Review for History and Ethnography, Domoznanstvo, Univerzitetna knjižnica Maribor (UKM), Univerza v Mariboru, from 29.12.2015.