The family chronicle of the family Oberwalder

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the project Oberwalder.
More than any other family, the Oberwalder family shaped the history of the Slovenian city of Domzale in the second half of the 19th century and in the first half of the 20th century. They have built a straw hat factory and built a successful sales network throughout Europe. The straw hats from Domzale were durable and high quality.
The Oberwalder family was therefore one of the most important employers in the region.
They became so rich that they even bought a building in Vienna. The building was quiet expensive, and had an Excelente location in the Kärntnerstrasse. The building was a sales center for straw hats. The building is still standing and still bears the name Oberwalder today.

My work includes:

  1. The Oberwalder family was researched. I have created a pedigree and written a family chronicle.
  2. The family tree dates back to the 1590. All data is occupied by documents from the archive, for example with birth certificates, marriage certificates and death certificates.
  3. The family chronicle comprehensively described the life of the ancestors, the names, how many times they had married, how many children were born, occupations, causes of death, etc.
  4. It was explored how the family got involved in the straw hat business.
  5. It was explored how each child moved out and settled down in the larger cities, such as Linz or Vienna, and opened new branches there.
  6. It was explored how the ancestor came to Domzale and started his own business.
  7. The life of Thomas Oberwalder was researched. Thomas was a mountaineer with heart and soul. When he died in the Alps he had given part of his wealth to the Alpine Club with the obligation to build an alpine hut. The Alpine Club went to his wish and built the Oberwalder hut. The hut is still today the joy of many climbers.

8 The life of Chrisanth Oberwalder was explored. He lived in Linz and was a successful businessman. He was brutally murdered.

9 The life of Josef Oberwalder was researched. He lived in Domzale and was so successful with his straw hats that he had even opened a branch in Vienna. The branch was located at Kärntnerstrasse in Vienna.

10 I researched the construction and decline of the Oberwalder company.

11 I could prove the relationship between the Oberwalder family and Radetzky. The daughter of the Oberwalder family has married the great-grandson of General Radetzky. Radetzky was the most famous Austrian general. Johann Strauss dedicated the Radetzky March to him.

12 The chronicle reaches to today’s descendants and here comes the saying “the story is repeated” to its validity. Today the business tradition of Hr. Oberwalder continued. He is one of the most successful project planners in Slovenia.

13 a total of 13 generations were explored.

14 The family chronicle comprises 92 pages.

15 The poster has a size of 200 x 120 cm.

16 The background was not a tree but a hundred-year-old straw hat from the family estate.


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