Peter Pavel Glavar

Peter Pavel Glavar was a Slovenian pastor, economist, and patron of the arts. He was born in Ljubljana in 1721. He died in 1784 in in the village of Gomila, Slovenia.
Many claim that Peter Pavel Glavar was an illegitimate child of the priest Testaferrate from Komenda. But I can prove from archival sources that this information is incorrect. This story, which later became a myth, arose when Peter Pavel Glavar was still a child. The church records show that his real father was Jernej (Bartholomaeus) Glavar.

My findings were included in the documentary film Naš Glavar (Our Glavar) in 2021. Mr. Basaj – a distant relative of Peter Pavel Glavar – presented the data in an interesting way (his contribution starts at 10.28).

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My primary task was to research the family history of the Basaj family. My research goes back to the 16th century, more precisely to the year 1580. I found out that the ancestors of the Basaj family took in the foster child Peter Pavel Glavar in the 18th century. They gave him shelter and a warm home. He was part of the family.

An extremely close friendship developed between Peter Pavel Glavar and son Jernej Basaj, which lasted their whole lives. Peter Pavel Glavar regularly maintained good contacts with the other members of the Basaj family.

The family chronicle of the Basaj family, which I wrote after the research, is 96 pages large. It contains a lot of interesting data and stories, all of which I unfortunately cannot present here.

A few details from the family chronicle:

1. The oldest known ancestor of the Basaj family was Bartholomaus Basaj, born in 1580. He was a wealthy farmer and lived in Vopovlje.

2. Grandson Bartholomaus Basaj, born in 1674, and his wife Maria founded a large family and were the foster parents of Peter Pavel Glavar.

3. Great-grandson Bartholomaj Basaj, born in 1719, was a gifted man and became a general in the Austrian army. He was the commander of the military border and the first Slovenian which achieve a general title.

4. Oswaldus Basaj, born in 1739, got a second farm when he married. In this way he doubled the family fortune.

5. Georg Basaj, born in 1763, gave place to soldiers of the Austrian Hussar Regiment in his house in 1809.

6. Mathias Basaj, born in 1784, was a passionate beekeeper. He even owned two apiaries. The larger apiary was worth as much as three cows at the time.

7. Johann Basaj, born in 1840, became an imperial and royal postal officer in Trieste.

8. Jakob Basaj, born in 1843, has invested a lot of money in real estate. In 1890 he bought an inn in Predoslje near Krajn. The inn was then successfully continued by his descendants to the present day – the inn still exists today, under the name The Krištof Inn.

9. Jože Basaj, born in 1877, was a politician, cooperative worker, economist, and publicist. He was a member of the Slovenian People’s Party. In 1941 he became a member of the Italian Consulto. In 1944 he became chairman of the Slovenian People’s Committee. On May 3, 1945 he proclaimed the Slovenian independent state. With this step he threw a spanner in the works of the partisans, but the proclamation was not recognized by the other states. As a result, the partisans decided to liquidate all employees of the Slovenian People’s Committee. Since Basaj was on the death list, he decided to go abroad. However, the partisans captured two of his sons and murdered them without trial in the village of Teharje.

Dr. Basaj proclaimed the Slovenian independent state.


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