How it goes the research on?

At the very beginning the information about your forefather would be needed. Usually the research is focused on the male side of the family which means that information of your grandfather’s or even better your great-grandfather’s are needed:

  • name
  • surname (family name)
  • birthplace 
  • birthday, date would be highly recommended.

The research is based on metrical or vital records, till 1800 written in Kurrent script and in old Germany language. In the period before 1800 in Kurrent script and Latin language. On this point the research based on Vital records ends. For further researches the Urbarium is used. The research can then go on till 15. century or even more.

If you understand Slovenian you are welcome to listen to:

Interview by Moderator Robert Roškar with Rajmund Lampreht on the Slovenian Radio 1:


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