The Book Viltus - Wildhaus

The book Grad Viltuš, po poteh plemstva in gospode na Viltušu (The Vituš castle, on the way of aristocracy and lords at the Viltuš castle) is the first book about the entire Viltuš castle history – from the very beginnings till today. A lot of yet unpublished photo material has been included and therefore presents an interesting reading experience. You can discover some new stories about the Muta castle (Koroška region) being occupied by the Lords of Viltuš who fought with the Hapsburg family – the most powerful aristocratic family those days.

In this book I also write about (beside the lords at the Viltuš castle):

  • the origin of Styria land and the Hungarian fights,
  • the styria knights Ottokars,
  • the lords of Wildon,
  • the aristocratic Auerspergs,
  • Lord Carneri (there is a grammar school in Graz named after him),
  • Lord Lannoy (archduke John recommended him to be a professor on Joanneum in Graz) etc.

The book which has been published in Slovene and German language was presented to the public on 24th September 2017.

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Presentation at the castle Maribor, Pokrajinski muzej Maribor: