Throughout history, people, companies, and states that have networked together have always prevailed. Networking means having partners. With good business partners you can bring new ideas and products to market.

The EU offers us many opportunities. We just must open the doors.

With my know-how and excellent relationships in both Slovenia and Austria, I offer my partners:

Search for contact persons.

Search for business partners.

Search and collect information.

Translation of texts.

My services are successfully used by both, public institutions, and private companies.

Let’s take new paths together and build new bridges for a better future.

Dr. Rajmund Lampreht, Archbishop Alojz Cvikl, Mayor Saša Arsenovič, Mayor Maria Knauder, Dean Gerfried Sitar, historian Heinz Guntschnig, archivist Liljana Urlep, Deputy Mayor Maximilian Peter and Dean Marko Veršič.