The history of house, building or farm

Man comes and goes … but the building remains.

History of objects can be as amazing and interesting as family history. Historians distinguish between urban and rural buildings. Each area requires its own approach.

When researching urban buildings I can explore:

  • The names of the former owners,
  • The names of former tenants,
  • Former organization premises,
  • Former equipped rooms,
  • The fate of the former owners.

The rural population was much more mobile than we imagine today. Owners of farm have often changed. Thus it is wrong to automatically assume that the family currently owning the farm had owned it in the past.

When researching the present or former farms I can explore:

  • The names of the former owners,
  • The names of the former servants and maids,
  • The fate of the former owners,
  • The structure of farms
  • The extent of the farm,
  • The main activities of the farm,
  • The exact location of buildings,
  • The purpose of buildings.

When researching on parcels one can find out all about the former owners, the former function of the parcel and to which larger unit it belonged to in the past.

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