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Affiliation and values of every nation and therefore every individual are kept and nurtured with proper valuing and respecting the past of those who mark its growth and life. The symbolism of the affiliation to the family, its ancestors and the nation is being kept through their memory and a reminder of the actions of their ancestors for the future generations.

Raymond Lampreht studied history at the Faculty of Arts Maribor, Department of History, and finished at top of its class. During his studies he aroused the interest of his professors with scholarly ingenuity and arranging various seminars and research projects. He actively participated in the Student Section, where he eventually became its leader and member of the Historical Society of Dr. Francis Kovacic in Maribor. Later he took over the Student Historical Newspaper as main editor; a function he successfully handled till the end of his stay at the faculty. The time after college he dedicated his time to research of history and publishing various articles: scientific and professional.

As such, Raymond Lampreht is the right person for a professional study of your family from proper historical sources.

Colonel Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tomaž Kladnik, commander of Poveljniško štabne šole Slovenske vojske and professor for military history, Department of History, Faculty of Arts Maribor.



Mr Raymond Lampreht graduated from history at the Faculty of Arts, Department of History, as one of the best students of his generation. During his studies he aroused the attention of his professors at the department. He began his active participation in the Student Section of our Historical Society of Dr. Francis Kovacic in Maribor. There he became the leader and a leading member of our society. With the establishment of Student Historical Newspaper he filled the vacant seat of main editor and successfully managed it till his final days at the faculty. He actively published his own professional and scientific articles. The society supports him in his future endeavours and stands by his side with advice. He is a trustworthy person.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Andrej Hozjan, Department of History, Faculty of Arts Maribor.


Mr Raymond Lampreht started with me as a student, sitting there every day in those faculty benches. Later I had the honour to know him through various projects and personal meetings. He is a persistent, worldly and a thorough examiner of history, who acquired valuable experience on various fields of science: a good old curiosity, knowing of languages and vast knowledge of facts. He thrives for impartial showing of historical facts, especially controversial periods from Slovenian and European past.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Aleš Maver, Department of History, Faculty of Arts Maribor.


Distinguished colleague Raymond Lampreht aroused my attention already during his studies with his vast knowledge of history. His thesis was thoroughly elaborated with leaving no stone unturned and he graduated with honours. From our various meetings I recognized his vast knowledge of parish books and genealogy.  

Asst. Prof. Dr. Anton Ožinger, Department of History, Faculty of Arts Maribor.



As a gift we gave our father a family tree. Mr. Lampreht has made the family tree to 1720. We have learned a lot of new things about our family. Not only Mr. Lampreht has explored the name, birth and death dates but he also discovered the social status, occupation, number of children, peculiarities, etc. He has written a book about our family history and made a family tree as a poster. He has copied and submitted all documents as evidence for the authenticity of the data. Mr. Lampreht has us in particulary convinced with his professionalism and therefore we are happy to recommend Mr. Lampreht to anyone.

Dani Trstenjak, Manager by Servis BT, http://www.servis-bt.si


We're descendants of our ancestors and we took over their habits unconsciously. 

Jože Oberwalder, Manager by Pinos, http://www.pinos.si/


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